Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rollins Revised - NaNoWriMo Book Ready?

I had said I would write something completely new for the novel writing month. And I did. It's different from any of my other projects mostly because to me, it feels the most real, even though it's about werewolves.

This work is also the shortest I've written, just north of 80,000 words. In fact, it only became that long through the revision process. I have a strange habit of adding through revision. Though in my wordier works, I have removed segments.

James' Story is also my first foray into the male perspective. It was fun quizzing my husband as well as placing myself in the mind of so many fifteen year old boys I've met over the years.

So all that remains of this book is a read through by other eyes, another by mine, and a cover. Okay, yes there are some formatting changes that need to occur. But still, I feel this book is thus far the most well written, and the most polished I've done. Granted, it is only my third finished book.

I'm hoping the speed and skill that applied to this work will aid me in the completion of several other projects. This is my sincerest hope. We'll have to wait and see on that point. Cross your fingers!

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