About Me

I've grown up all over the place, gone to art school, college, graduate school and traveled around the US and the world.  I've written and performed music, studied and sold my art, been a youth pastor, consulted for non-profits, and clawed halfway up corporate ladders.

The one constant in my life has been my need to write. During 2010 I completed my first manuscript - a young adult urban fantasy, The Brothers. The sequel, Lovers and Rivals is now available digitally, while I am still procrastinating writing the prequel/sequel Lilith and Ammon. In addition, I've published the first book in another series, JAMES: THE ROLLINS PACK digitally, all the while shopping for an agent for it's sequel, JEREMIAH. Currently I'm going through a fiendish spree of submitting short stories to literary magazines and contests. Updates are guaranteed!

Beyond this, my life so far has been a variety show, sometimes a sitcom, and frequently a movie plot. Currently I'm pregnant with my first baby, which only adds to the insanity and wild commentary.  So enjoy.  I hope it makes you laugh and rethink things, or notice something new you hadn't before.