Saturday, April 26, 2014

Two Projects Are Better Than One

I say two projects, but really I'm talking about three or four.

I'm a busy girl, so sue me!

As you may have seen, I published my first non-fiction book last week (52 Lists) and I have another two non-fiction pieces that I'm hoping to have edited etc by the end of April.

I've been talking a lot about my dream inspired book, but what you don't know is that I stopped working on it temporarily. I got stuck. I couldn't come up with the right scenarios and backdrops for the subsequent chapters, so I couldn't continue writing the book at this point. I'm just not sure where to take it and I haven't had a chance to brainstorm with Christian (who has been a great help in structuring that book).

If I want to continue with my 2014 master writer plan, I can't afford to get stuck. I have to keep moving forward. So what did I do? I moved on to the next fiction book in my list.

Fans will be pleased.

I've been writing the conclusion of the Khloe Alwell series. i'm about half-way done (or atleast a third anyway). It's going really well, so I may end up writing this straight through (I hope).

If I only had one thing to work on without any ideas (or unfinished manuscripts) waiting in the wings, I would have been in a horrible situation in relation to my writing goals this year. The moral of the story? As many people will tell you not to work on more than one project, don't listen. Sometimes it's helpful to keep a few things in the wings. I don't recommend constantly jumping from project to project, but having something that you can jump to when you hit writer's block is definitely a good way to keep up momentum.

As it is, I'm generally writing twice as many words working on Khloe than I did working on the other fiction piece even though I have about the same amount of time to write (Which may be increasing now that my baby can play by himself for periods of time! Yessss!).

Writer's block? Nah. Second project for the win!

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