Thursday, December 9, 2010

Supersport Motorcycle Movies

We just got a Blu-ray player for a ridiculously cheap price (which was good because the signals of our DVD player remote were screwing with our TV and visa versa).  To make sure the settings were right, Christian decided to pop in one of his favorite racing movies, Tokyo Drift. Now, I'm not a total gear-head, but I have a serious stereotypical guy movie thing going on, as long as there is some homage to plot and not excessive gore, I will usually watch it once.  Cars, shiny, and hot chicks, it's a definite go.

My question is, why aren't there any good crotch-rocket motorcycle movies? Sure there are documentaries about motorcycle racing, and there is of course the awful Easy Rider which makes me want to blow up myself, or the other chopper/cruiser movies that so many people like to watch, the majority of which are bad.  There are very few to zero things on the market that are fiction, involve sport bikes as central to the plot, and are any good whatsoever.  There is only so much cruiser I can take.  I want something that is sleek, beautiful, fast and makes me salivate.  Not something that looks like it hasn't changed in fifty years, the welds might fall apart, and or the engine will cause me to damage my hearing in two minutes of riding.  Please.  Let's give up that wretched black leather vest image and get a little Icon or Alpinestars in there.  I would love my Bombshell boots on the screen.

Yes... please Hollywood, put a beautiful man (and a woman too, while you're at it) in leathers and a helmet on a fast beautiful Supersport and I will watch him (and her).  Make it about racing and pushing himself (herself) to be awesome.  Make it at least as good as Tokyo Drift.  I will talk about the movie constantly.  I promise. Pre-production soon?

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