Thursday, November 18, 2010

Positive Thinking

Postive stream of thoughts for the day that I had to share:

I just finished a novel.  Automatically I am in a small percentage of the population who has actually made any kind of serious attempt at realizing their dreams, let alone having any discipline to sit down and do the things, or suffer the sacrifices necessary to do it.

Whatever happens, I will have done that.  I can say I worked at it, am working at it, no matter what anyone else says or does.  Most people never get there.

Everyday I have been working towards my writing goals on my goal board that I've been harboring for over four years.  Many people give up before they've ever really started.

I've got that going for me. 

I recommend thinking about your life in these kinds of terms once in a while.  It helps you gain a little perspective and definitely makes a person feel a bit better about life, the universe, and generally everything.  Yes, I do have that gnawing anxiety that my world will come to an end at any moment in my gut that nothing could take away at this point except a sum of several million dollars.  But a modicum of hope is good.  It's enough to keep a person going.  And right now, that's what I need most.


  1. Alexis, I recently learned a sad and astounding statistic. Only FIVE percent of our population will ever be successful!!!
    And that sounds about right. I've known a lot of people in my life (come on now, not in the biblical sense), and only a teeny tiny fraction of those people have a career.
    So, I say, yes, you are absolutely right!! Good for you. You deserve more than a pat on the back for that. And with that attitude, I believe wholeheartedly you WILL achieve your dreams! People are lazy, they procrastinate, and they are scared of failure. We, as a society, tend to choose the path of least resistance, and that is to stay in our comfort zone for fear of failure. It's sad.
    I also recently learned a new word, hemeostosis. This is the most powerful thing in human behavior. It is the enate drive to remain the same. People want to change, but when they attempt to "move forward", they hit a wall, so to speak. Because on a much deeper level, they don't want to change. It's scary and foreign to them.
    Look at me, ranting! Haha. Hope you don't get sick of my replies to quickly, haha.

  2. LOL. Actually this is one of the things I'm currently fighting against - stagnation. Starting my exercise routine is helping with that. Actually, any change that you decide to make in your life, if you share it with people, you're more likely to succeed. That's one of the reasons why I share my writing and my other goals. It's an upward battle, but I've seen in the past that when I keep it in mind and enlist the help of others, it works. Plus my giant goal board doesn't hurt. ;-) Keep replying. I like responses!

  3. I had one of those. I need to do that again! And yes, it is a huge help to get other ppl involved!