Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where Oh Were? NaNoWriMo Adventures

I have a confession. I started another project. My other books were depressing me and I wanted to work on something different. So... I jumped on the paranormal bandwagon. Feel free to cringe or jump up and down with excitement.

I can't stand vamps any more. Zombies creep me out. Most monsters just aren't very fun. But werewolves... Now there is something I can work with. Thus enters The Rollins Pack.

Its another YA project which so far is light and silly. The characters are part of a wholesome family that were hit by hard times because of the economy. Like all teens, the main character goes through a transformation. I've only been writing since last Tuesday and have reached almost 30,000 words. I feel pretty good about this seeing as I'm writing part time.

This side project has given me new steam to approach Lilith and Ammon as well as Legion. So, keep your eyes peeled. I feel a major outpouring of writing goodness coming. I blame National Novel Writing Month. Thank GOD for that!

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