Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Impatience - A Vice or I Hate Formatting

I am not a patient person. In fact I am incredibly the opposite. Right now I'm really feeling my least favorite vice. Why? In a word - formatting. I have now spent weeks on formatting The Brothers, just to get it to Premium Distribution on Smashwords. Now I'm wondering if there is another better way that doesn't require me to pay money I don't have. And honestly, I'm not sure.

Formatting is a necessary evil when you're publishing digitally, especially self-publishing. In order to get your creative project into the world, you have to deal with formatting. Necessarily it takes time away from the creative process. This, as a creative person, whose work thrives on momentum, sucks.

Luckily I have had other things to entertain me creatively while waiting for all this other crap. I still have to edit Lovers and Rivals. I have Lilith and Ammon I have to wrestle to completion. I have Legion which actually has a due date. And of course, there is my newest tour de force, The Rollins Pack. This might be crazy.

Luckily for me, with all of these books I will have more experience with that dreaded evil issue of formatting. Thank GOD! It will make the process to the end result so much less painful and frankly more enjoyable. I hope I'm almost done here with The Brothers. I hope. We'll see if my next attempt at premium distribution goes through or they come back with another single issue they forgot to mention yet again.

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