Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Nile - Adventures in Bako

I found out yesterday that the guy who hit my car didn't have insurance. It took his supposed insurance company a month to figure this out and let me know. Yeah. I was pissed and hyped up on adrenaline.

So, like the healthy people we are, we decided to self-medicate. First we tried to find a little quiet bar, but, well, let's just say that didn't work out. We still wanted to go somewhere. I wanted a beer really badly. We had heard the Nile was a cool location, so we decided to check it out.

We parked a block away and walked over. Outside the place was a group of people, most of them in black, smoking and talking loudly. At the door was a large bouncer who didn't check our IDs (I guess we're past that point now...) or ask for a cover. I think there was a cover at some point based on some things said later in the evening, but we didn't have to pay. When we walked in, there was dubstep blasting over the speakers and the decor was kind of retro cool. I immediately liked the place. Then I noticed there was a band setting up on stage. We decided to stay anyway because we remembered to bring earplugs to save our ears.

We waited forever at the bar to get drinks. While we waited, some guy gave us a band's handmade demo. Literally, the paper in the CD case had been printed at home and cut by scissors while the CD itself was labelled with permanent marker. I was mildly excited because the disc said Ruby Skye on it - which made me think of the club in San Fransisco. So far, so good.

Finally the bartender came over and gave us our drinks. I don't order bottle beer at bars on principle and the Nile doesn't have taps, so we both got mixed drinks. While they were very alcoholic, they weren't very good (very few people can get a Long Island right, so it's a good test drink). The band began to play, and it reminded me of art school and high school mixed together. They sounded like they wanted to be somewhere between Tool and Shiny Toy Guns. Unfortunately, they were just weird. After only a few songs they thanked the crowd and said another band would be coming up. Huh?

I think there was a battle of the bands. I'm not exactly sure. It could have been a charity concert. The MC didn't clarify anything when she spoke between sets. There also appeared to be a raffle, but I don't know where you bought tickets for this or why this was a part of the evening. Well, this second band was pretty good. They had an electric cello/trombone player that made their band. It helped that their bassist had an amazing mustache too. Well, that just upped their entertainment value anyway. Then a third band came on which we weren't all that into, but they weren't horrible.

At this point, Christian decided to go get us some more drinks. He was gone for maybe a minute when this random guy sat down at our table and introduced himself. He was asking me questions, clearly trying to hit on me. I couldn't help but smile because it was a lost cause. Then when Christian came up, he left almost immediately. Poor guy. Christian was more amused because it turned out while he was standing at the bar, there was a girl who stood uncomfortably close to him. It was clear she was trying to get him to hit on her because she stood about six inches away while the entire bar was completely free of people.

Another band came on which was a bad mod group with a strange art school video going on in the background. At this point, we decided we were done.

Needless to say, I would give the Nile a second chance because the night was clearly unusual for them.  They have cool decor, a dance floor, and a stage. The place has room to be totally awesome. I just hope the bar situation is better when we go back.

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