Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SWC Days 18 - 20: Molasses is Still Progress in Marketing & Writing

My weekend was pretty jam packed. The result was I had a harder time getting to my writing. So what did I do? I packed almost 3 days worth of writing goals into one day.

Yeah. It was a little crazy, but I almost got it done. On Saturday I left off at 47,176 which meant that by today I needed to get to 53,176. Well, I ended up only making it to 52,252 which is about 900 words shy of my goal. Still, I feel like I can tack that onto tomorrow's goal pretty easily.

I keep telling myself as long as I'm making progress, I'm doing well. It doesn't matter if it's happening in fits and starts, just as long as it's happening.

Needless to say, I feel like I'm forcing a lot of what I'm writing. I'm not sure how good it is, or if I'll even like it when I revisit it. But then again, I do generally like the rewriting process, so it's possible that whatever happens the second go-round will be something I am actually proud of. We'll see how it goes.

I feel like I have a lot to get done, which may or may not be true. This feeling was probably helped along by the fact that I started looking at blogger social media sites. These are places where bloggers can connect and help promote one another as well as share ideas. I see it as a way to not only help foster some more attention to my blog, but a way to set up blog tours to help launch each of these books.

I really want to publish these things right. I want to have book giveaways and do interviews and everything in between. I'm not sure about these book trailer things. They seem kind of pointless to me, but then again, what do I know? I've never been very good about the PR side of indie publishing. This summer writing challenge is bringing me to a whole new level in knowledge and effort. I may decide after a little research that I do want to put up a few videos. I am, after all, planning on buying an HD video camera before the baby is born (because, of course, I want to video kiddo in high quality HD!). It wouldn't be hard to put together at least a few little spiels about each book. Maybe I'll decide to go all out and get into Vine. I'm not sure.

Whatever I decide, I'll broadcast it on this blog. In the mean time, keep cheering me on. Even though I know my little updates are only moderately interesting, the fact that I'm posting them (and have to post them to feel like I'm keeping up my side of my blogger contract) is helping me to stay on task. Who knew blogging updates on my writing goals would be so effective at holding me accountable? Before I was such a spaz about these things! Good idea Alexis! [pats self on back] Excellent choice! I think you'll do great things! :-)

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