Monday, September 27, 2010

Renaissance Girls Rock

Recently I've become a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt.  This might seem kind of weird, but it makes perfect sense.  Here's my case with supporting evidence.

  1. Jennifer is the star of Ghost Whisperer, some episodes she wrote as well as directed and/or produced.  Ghost Whisperer combines drama, the paranormal, and fabulous vintage style clothes all in one.  Plus, the main characters are primarily brunettes (which I always like because there are too many blondes in Hollywood).
  2. She has written a produced multiple music albums which have been successful over seas, if not here.
  3. Jennifer has also been successful as a star in major motion pictures (even if I didn't like many of them) such as I know what you did, Can't Hardly Wait and Heart Breakers.
  4. As if that wasn't enough, she's written, produced, directed and starred in numerous made for TV movies.
  5. PLUS she created the Music Box comic book.  WHAT?!
That is the reason I am a fan.  It's not the crazy actual fanatic style fan where I want everything to be JLH all the time.  No, that would be crazy and scary and might inspire restraining orders.  No, I'm a fan because so few people can cross genres and products and be successful in them.  Ms. Hewitt has done just that.  She is the quintessential Media Celebrity Renaissance Woman.  Of course there are others who are able to be in Broadway musicals and TV or movies, but Jennifer has written and directed AND produced things.  Many have won awards.  She just keeps going and pushing boundaries and trying new things. Maybe it is the genius of her branding, or her stunning figure, or her sweet smile that encourages this type of cross media success.  I'm inclined to think she's just got the business smarts and the talent.  This is a rare combination of gifts.

Why would I devote all this time to discussing Ms. Hewitt? Well, ever since I read about Leonardo Da Vinci and the concept of the Renaissance Man, I wanted to be a Renaissance Woman.  I wanted to be able to cross talents and boundaries and be successful in all of them.  It has always been at the back of my mind.  Yes many people are excellent at one thing, or a couple of things, but what about five or six? Can you dance, sing, act, paint, speak publicly, write, and be an economic powerhouse? If the answer is yes, you have definitely graduated into Renaissance Legend status.

Necessarily I found the Japanese female equivalent intriguing, the Geisha.  Of course, the idea of having a contract and being sold seemed a little, well, Vegas. But the concept behind the perfect finished piece of living breathing artwork in a woman's body was intoxicating.  Perhaps this is the reason I am beginning to give air time to these long forgotten ideas in my head.  Suddenly it seems reasonable to be able to write books, model, write and sing songs, and sell my paintings.  It seems achievable to own several businesses and start several non-profits while doing all these other things.  Suddenly political clout seems within reach.  The possibilities seem endless.  Now, Jennifer Love Hewitt may not be all of those things, but she is a symbol of the potentialities of such things.  She is a symbol of my potential, and the visions I have of myself in years to come.  For that I thank her because every time I see her on TV it makes me think of what I need to do for myself to be successful in my goals.  So, Love, cheers!

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