Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Brothers - an addiction

It's confession time with Alexis.  This is a temporary reprieve from my feverish typing.  Yes, I'm still typing, but it's not with the same urgency I have when I'm writing The Brothers.  I've read about some people writing an entire book in a week, novellas in a weekend, and this may be mine.

In my previous post I talked about having a story reveal itself to you, and this book is very much like that.  I am so anxious to have the story reveal itself, so interested to see what will happen to my protagonists, that I am addicted to writing the story.  Even as I think about it I am anxious to finish this blog entry just to get back to writing the story.  Isn't that horrible? Horrible and wonderful all at once, is a more apt description.

I've been writing for two and a half days and already I have over 34,000 words.  That should tell you something about my addiction. 

I won't say anything more here, because I'm not sure exactly where it will go, so I find it difficult to talk about.  But I will say this, it is a young adult novel, and it is absolutely a fantasy that incorporates aspects of the real world.  When I'm done, I'll tell you more.  For the mo though, it's under the hat.


  1. 4 days with no updates.... starting to get the shakes. D:

  2. I know, I'm a bad poster. I was physically attached to my computer set only on Open Office hammering out the words. Today I got to a moment where I was like, "what happens next?" So I took this time to give you all a little peek into the weird process of this project...which I love, and is seriously impacting my ability to function properly. :-D