Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Twitter, Internet Withdrawal, & Self-Promotion

The last couple days I've been able to enjoy the use of my parents' hotel wi-fi. It's made a huge difference when it has come to keeping up with Twitter, emails, and the infrequent research requirement for my current project. It's been an unexpected boon considering the fact I haven't had internet at my new apartment and my phone bricked this past week.

My father has kindly offered me the use of his old Windows phone, which is great, because it means I can take calls at my phone number. It sucks because well, it's an old Windows phone, and let's face it. Windows can't compete with Android hotness.

Mix in the stress of trying to rent out our house in Phoenix for August, trying to get a day job, and hitting writing roadblocks with the second book in the Khloe Alwell Trilogy (I say trilogy, but I reserve the right to extend it into more books if I so choose), and you get a right little mess.

So here is my disclaimer. I want you to know, right now, I may be a little delinquent in the next week or so with blogging. I'm expecting our internet situation to be less than optimal which means there are going to be a few days where I will be MIA. Believe me, this is harder for me than it is for you. In fact, it is the most difficult when it comes to Twitter.

Honestly, before I became a "Twit" as my husband likes to call Twitter fans, I didn't understand the appeal of 140 character thoughts. Now, I couldn't imagine my internet life without it. Part of this is because Twitter is one of the most useful social networking tools you could possibly have as a self-published author. Yes, you need people to review your book (incidentally, if you're reading my book, please write a review!). Yes you need to blog about things, and you likely need your own domain name for your book (no, I don't have one but that's because I'm poor at the moment - but, if you spread the word about my book I may be able to get one soon!).

Still, nothing can compare to tweeting using searchable terms and following people with like interests, or in positions to help you carry your book, brand, or product to some special height. These things do take time (usually) and they take a little work.  Personally, I'm feeling a little anxious about how my lack of internet may influence my direction on Twitter. Absence with something like Twitter doesn't necessarily make the heart grow fonder unless you've already got a huge following through something other than Twitter (a celebrity in your own right, for example). This is where a smart phone is so great. You download an app for your personal communicator, and then WAPOW! You have instant connectivity and status changes can happen the moment something interesting pops into your beautiful head. Unless you're me, of course. I can't. But you can!

The moral of the story, Twitter is your friend. It is addicting, I won't lie. When combined with the powers of your smart phone it makes things exponentially easier for you to network with people who may be able to help you get the word out about your book etc. And, when you do that, share the wealth. Do what you want others to do for you. Help other authors promote their work. Also, pray for me that my internet access will speed up quickly and an amazing smartphone show up in my life again... because seriously, this is killing me.


  1. I still am here and there with Twitter. The smartphone, yes, I understand the need. So Android over Win7 phone then? Thanks and good luck. Stumbling blocks are a pain but you feel more accomplished once you pass them.

  2. I am a huge Android fan. But then again, I can't use Windows at home either. If I had a choice, I would use Ubuntu for an OS on my laptop and desktop every time. Android is just more customizable (just like Ubuntu). It's more intuitive as well. But that's my experience.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  3. the windows phone I passed on is old, old, old... it's an HTC Wing, running windows mobile 6 I believe. when it was new it was clunky and fairly slow. now it is a stop gap

  4. Meh, it is a phone which is better than nothing. I just desperately miss my faithful g1... Hopefully sometime soon a new personal communicator of hotness will find its way into my pocket... *crosses fingers*