Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inspired - The Muse

This talk rings true. The root of the word inspiration has to do with the spirit - the spirit coming and bringing the ideas so that the conduit, the artist, writer, dancer, actor, musician can move the spirit into the form. Michaelangelo talked about sculpture as a revealing process. He was merely freeing the sculpture from the marble encasing it. It wasn't something that came from him, it was there, dormant, ready, waiting. I imagine it would be true, if we could think about art in this way, it would make it so much less painful for artists in general. Those people are sensitive to inspiration. Just as an athlete is built to run or jump and move, so an artist is built to receive inspiration and transcribe that which is divine to the page, canvas, record etc. No one can learn this, it is an inherent talent. The ability to transcribe is where the skills lay that can be honed and sharpened. The inspiration itself is something that must be coaxed out and encouraged to remain. Oh that the capricious lover the muse would be more constant! All we can do is continue to show up, waiting by the phone, looking out the window, so when she arrives, we're there welcoming her with open arms.

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