Thursday, November 18, 2010

For a little art history...

I'll be the first to admit I am HORRIBLE, and I mean, HORRIBLE at remembering specific artists or the history behind paintings.  I should clarify.  I am horrible at remembering things I don't care about, which means, most art before the modernists.  Things I like, certain paintings by Cezanne for example, stick in my memory as if I were standing in front of them.  Cubism is etched in my mind, being one of my favorite art movements, though it is often one of the least understood and is to the art world as improvisational progressive jazz is to music to the average Joe. 

I figured I would hook you up with a blog that has some daily anecdotes from historical art movements.  No, it's not anything recent, so if you're looking for the next sweet thing from Chelsea, forget it.  But if you're interested in getting regular artistic thoughts and history on specific paintings, go ahead and take a gander at SPARTACUS.  You're bound to learn something within two phrases. I did.

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