Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions into Reality

Resolutions are one of those things that everyone says they will do but never does, or I should say, it's something that most people don't do.  It's not for lack of trying.  No, when resolutions are made, people genuinely want to stick to them.  They are the best wishes a person can fulfill themselves, the best version of them would be created if they could only hold their resolve.

Unfortunately, resolutions often require discipline.  They tend to be things that can't be done overnight, like losing weight, eating healthy, or being organized.  These kinds of resolutions are of a daily maintenance variety.  In other words, they are things a person has to stick to day in and day out.  New habits can be formed in 30 days.  Habits can be broken in 1 week.  You do the math.  If a person starts in on their resolution, but gives up too soon, or doesn't allow for isolated days of failure and continues to press on, they will fail. 

The key is to hold yourself accountable in some way.  Let me give you some of my personal examples for the New Year.

I have already made a public commitment to write daily in my blog. That is not only to hone my skills, but also is a commitment to my readers.  Likewise, I intend to submit 3-4 pieces of writing to publications and contests each month of 2011.  I have written this in a public forum where other people can witness it and attest this is my writing goal, and they can check up on me from time to time to make sure I am sticking to it.

My resolution for my health is to continue working out, monitoring my caloric intake, and reaching my weekly and monthly goals throughout the year.  I am already in the habit of doing this, as I am at the end of week 6 of this fitness journey.  It has become so much a habit that I feel the need to workout daily.  It actually feels wrong to me if I haven't done something physical that day.  The more physical things I do, the better I feel (within reason of course!).  In order to make sure I continue to keep up this good habit, I maintain a fitness journal which helps me keep track of calories, vitamin intake, water intake, exercises, and overall mood.  Maybe when I've finished my six month journal, I'll post pictures from start to finish.  In the mean time, you'll just have to endure my ranting about how much I enjoy pumping iron.

So I have one major professional and one major personal goal for myself this next year, both of which require daily discipline and commitment on my part.  I have made it very clear to people who support me what I am doing and what my intentions are.  This makes me accountable.  It also helps to ensure my success.  And I will be successful.  I am completely confident in my success.

Once I feel comfortable that I am regularly achieving these goals, I'll move on to other small daily goals.  I'm thinking of adding an hour of reading about subjects that will help me personally or professionally (like reading about Reiki or how to publish your first novel sorts of things).  Every little bit helps. 

So the question everyone should ask themselves is, what things do I want to achieve in 2011? Don't worry too much about how you will get there, a way usually presents itself.  Do think about how to make your goal tangible and hold yourself accountable by sharing it with others.  Having someone who shares your goal is helpful because you both push each other to realize your resolutions.
Tonight, maybe after you get home from the party, turn off your TV, brush your teeth and climb into bed, take a minute to think about what you want from this next year of your life.  Tomorrow is a new day and a new year.  It can be the beginning of a new chapter in your life.  There is nothing stopping you from doing great things this year and becoming the person you want to be.  I'm doing it, why shouldn't you?

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