Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Mindset, A New You, A New Year

Superstitions are often viewed as bad.  Wives tales are considered false.  The thing is, superstition, like stereotype, has some basis in reality. I am thinking particularly of something a friend told me several years ago on New Year's Day.

"Whatever you do on New Year's Day marks the rest of the year."

Like a canary in a coal mine, or a weather vane on the roof of a house, what you do on New Year's is an indicator of things to come.  Now, I may not think that someone is talking about me when my ears ring, but what you do on New Year's day is an indication of the person you are, where you want to go, what you want to do.  It follows that because what you do on that day is an indication of who you are, and everyday of the year you are yourself, necessarily this will be an indication of your year.

I think the idea originally was more about tea-leaves, palmistry, and astrology.  The meaning wasn't really supposed to be some great philosophical logic reference.  It was supposed to be a fortune cookie. But the fact remains that fortune cookies can have more meaning than their original intent.

I remember last New Year's Day.  I didn't do nearly as much as I have done this morning.  I don't mean that I went out and drafted plans for an eco-city made out of recycled parts or wrote the next great symphonic masterpiece.  Simply put, my mindset is completely different.  My head is bubbling up with determination and purpose in a way that it hasn't in three years.  Because I am thinking this way, feeling this, I know this year is going to be full of things that are amazing and wonderful.  I look forward to new friends, more adventures, strength, endurance, beauty, and affirmation for my writing and my art.  Maybe I will find a group of musicians to sing with this year.  Who knows? All I do know is the world is my oyster, the universe is ready to respond to my thoughts.  I've got this one.

I hope you do too.  Best wishes for an amazing 2011!

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