Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things fall apart

So, my car broke. I went to pick it up in Santa Barbara. Drove back to the Bay. Became addicted to my newest form of escapism, Angel. Then I got sick. Even though I was sick I didn't want to slack off on my work out routine, so I pushed myself having near mono like fatigue in the rain at Lake Chabot. Feeling somewhat depressed about everything I holed myself up. This morning the Bay Bridge to my lesson was a nightmare. It made me wish for an automatic - that's how you know things are bad. I'm starting to have deja vu about scenes from television. Oh, and the rash on my neck is making a last ditch effort. To round it off, Windows 7 is attacking my router causing the interwebs to fail on my netbook and I got into a fight about life with Christian.

Did I mention my phone battery dies almost immediately if I try to do anything with my phone? Currently I am curled up awkwardly against the couch arm attempting to give myself the thumb version of carpal tunnel. Yes, it's the little things in life.... slowly eroding until there's nothing left but a bit of sand, some dirty salt water, and some homeless ground squirrels.

I started trying to read this devotion book, but that has it's own set of issues which I really need a full computer for...my wrists are starting to tingle.

All the little things... falling apart. Mr. Achebe got that right. But, I didn't need literature for that. Why read a book about someone else's realistic problems when your own can be so absorbing? Oh yes, I remember. Rubbernecking. Everyone loves a ten car pile up.
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