Friday, January 14, 2011

Industry and Government - A Match Made in Hell

I am increasingly convinced that the government is not just the government.  It is a corporate government.  There is a marriage that has been happening for some time and I am not convinced that anyone has stood up and objected to it going forward.  Perhaps it is something to do with the recent degradation of corporate contributions to campaigns, or the general spinelessness that occurs when a person gets into office that makes them lean towards their sponsor's needs rather than their constituents.  I don't know. All I know is that as I watch it unfold, I feel the distinct need to do something about it and an overwhelming churning in my gut that has nothing to do with what I last ate.

Watching Food INC. makes me want to be a vegetarian who only purchases locally grown produce from farmer markets. Well, okay, maybe I would buy a carton of eggs or cheese or meat from a local farmer.  The truth is, I need meat, so I probably won't go veggie any time soon. 

How can I go to the super market? How can I purchase mass produced food? These huge companies have manipulated government regulatory organizations in order to make more money in food production than to do things that are healthy, earth friendly, and human friendly.  Apparently people can be sued for criticizing companies, publishing pictures of industrial food processes, and they sue even if the companies won't win just to make a point.

If you're someone like the founder of Stonyfield, then you don't beat them - you join them in an effort to change the system from inside.  But what about trying to beat the system? What about trying to protest? What happens when the avenues of organizing protest are closed off because of corporate censorship due to control over information?

I don't know about you but I want a cowboy in the office. I don't want a Texan, I mean I want a politician like the original cowboy president - the one, the only Teddy Roosevelt.  What a man he was! Taking on robber barons! Taking down the beef trust! Now that is some spine!  Where are the politicians like that? Who don't care about corporate interests but care first and foremost about the people they represent!  If you have one of those, you're one of the lucky few.  Still, that doesn't mean you should be silent. Tell them.  Beseech them to make this a healthier better country on behalf of all Americans. Tell them when they are doing a good job and remind them who they are meant to represent - the people.

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