Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hitler is Dead - So Antisemitism is over, right?

Osama is dead, apparently. Then some idiots started dancing in the streets celebrating.  That's just what they were - idiots. They are idiots because not only is this premature, as far as celebrations go, but also because a single person is never responsible for an entire movement.  A single person is a symbol.

You can destroy a symbol in a symbolic fashion, but just because a single symbol - one of thousands - is destroyed doesn't mean a thing is over.  Think of it as a hydra.  When you cut off one head, two come back in its place.

Because Nazism is a favorite of internet forums everywhere, let's use our favorite Nazi as an example.  Hitler is dead.  In fact, most high ranking Nazi officials were systematically hunted and put through trials in order to humiliate them (as well as exact some kind of justice for the atrocities committed) - and they did a great job at it.  Germany is still trying to live down World War 2.  All this is true.  But if you look around Europe, there is still antisemitism.  White power is still a serious right wing movement that has held sway in many places, including my own "favorite" state of Arizona.

So we killed Osama.  Tell me something we did that was useful - like reforming corporate taxes, our education system, or executing a global multilateral plan to address climate change. That would be something that would cause me to dance in the streets.  When it happens I will tape it for you.  I promise - and I expect you to hold me to it.

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