Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Roadkill Cafe - You Kill It, They Grill It

Being in rural Pennsylvania is like being in a foreign country and all that entails. This is especially true when going to restaurants like the Roadkill Cafe.

The Roadkill Cafe is in an isolated village on a road by the name of Crooked Run Road. It looks kind of like a seedy country bar and gas station from the outside. Inside is a country store and a simple restaurant that boasts hunting gear on every wall. You got a free knife with every gun purchase!

The other customers had facial hair, gray shirts, jeans, and hunting hats. My grandmother, mother, and I were the only women customers in the place. We got some stares.

The service was friendly and prompt, the food cheap and reasonable - if predominantly fried. Think $2.50 for a sandwich - a comparable sandwich in Santa Barbara would go for at least $8.

Would I go back? Maybe to take someone for the experience, because frankly it is difficult to find for the type of food that is available. Is it worth going to if I was around for hunting season? Absolutely. They even have cabins - but this year is already booked, so you'll have to wait until next year!

Still, it's fun. Their shirts and aprons with pretend menu items are worth the trip, just to scare your friends, with "chunk of skunk" and "smear of deer." You get the picture - you kill it, they grill it!
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  1. do you sell hats or shirts?

  2. I don't have shirts for the blog or my books at this point (though I hope to soon). If you're interested in advertising on the site, let me know one way or another and we may be able to set that up. :-)