Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back to the Middle Ages? When Internet Demons Attack!

Ok, there aren't actually any demons. But I am at a loss. I am temporarily without the interwebs. Thankfully I have a cool phone and a little extra cash so it makes the dip in service a little more palatable. Of course, there is still a real impact.

For example, I have a method to tweep shout outs which is rendered nearly impossible through my phone. So hopefully my new followers are understanding...but there's not much I can do at the moment.

Luckily I approved my paperback book before my lack of connectivity. But, we still have hiccups there. *sigh*

This little blip in my digital existence reminds me of the two months I suffered without any connection at all. It was like being forced back into the stone age. I felt naked - exposed - and utterly wretched. There were many pity parties thrown by both my husband and myself during that time. Thankfully its over, but the time left a mark.

It may have been a small thing for some people,  but when you're publishing digitally, it's huge. The pain of having to wait and struggle and push is immense normally. When you're handicapped by connectivity, it's a thousand times worse. It feels like a special hell made for self-publishing writers.

So, now I can laugh. A short blip. No problem. But if it goes for too long, you can count on me to shake my fist in furious anger and curse the internet cosmos saying, "Damn you internet demons! Damn you!"

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