Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Character Bios: Lovers and Rivals, Laran

*SPOILER ALERT* Read Lovers and Rivals!

Yes, Ceres, Lugh, Myrddin, and all manner of characters are important, but Laran is key. Besides, I can't hold myself back any more. I just have to write about him.

Laran was named for the Etruscan god of war. I wanted a lesser known god name, but something that wasn't too far out there. Accessibility in Laran's case was important. This was especially true because he is Khloe's love interest. However it wasn't the only reason. I wanted Laran to be very Sidhe, but also a bridge to humanity and the Seelie. He is both of the forest and of the Sidhe.

The fact that he is the lord of his province and the lead trainer of the Sidhe military at 23 years old speaks to his prowess and power. We know from his conversations with Khloe, he wasn't meant to take over Kolmarden at such a young age. However as his parents are both dead, he ends up becoming lord anyway. Despite his youth, people follow him. He has a natural ability which allows all kinds of people to accept him immediately (Seelie, Sidhe, or human).

Even though he is well loved and tends to do the "right thing," Laran is kind of a bad boy. He is the only Seelie or Sidhe discussed to have a tattoo. He wears human band tees in the Sidhe court, and jeans around the veil. At a young age, he said he went to the human world to go to concerts of his favorite bands.

He's prickly, but he's also a gentleman. Unlike Freyr or Constantine, he doesn't feel the need to possess Khloe. He lets her be her own person, and relishes in it. Still, his over confidence irritates Khloe on occasion. It's what makes their dynamic so much fun.

P.S. I'm very excited to dig into Laran's abilities in book 4. In the mean time, you'll have to satisfy yourselves with the upcoming back story in Lilith and Ammon!

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