Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Importance of Subtle Writing

Because I hate myself I recently watched Star Wars Episode 1. When I first saw this monstrosity I remember having the same reaction. I hated the writing. Stellar actors were rendered inadequate with the blunt script and mediocre direction. Some characters detracted so much from the movie it would have benefited by removing them completely. The one liners were face-palm moments, completed only with eye rolling.

All these things are obvious flaws, especially when assuming the movie was written for adults. Clearly it was not, still it assumes that stupid children will be watching. Everything is explained to the point that it is redundant times seven.

This is funny because many Disney and Pixar movies which have been clearly marketed to children have fantastic writing or at least use hints as opposed to brute force for plot development.

Regardless, I find myself intensely dissatisfied with this installment of the saga. Perhaps it is because I've been watching so much Korean and Japanese film that I've fallen in love with the subtle. There is a profound beauty in the smallest of glances precipitating discovery. There is something artful in the smallest of touches eliciting anticipation from a would be lover. This is what I love and what Episodes 1-3 lack.

I am sure there are many for whom watching or reading such work would be difficult. I know when I read subtle writing I have to be careful so I don't miss anything. Of course that is the beauty. I love rereading something and finding new bits. I love discovering more. The more I read, the more the characters are revealed.

This is the mark of fine literature. It requires thought and participation of the reader. Yes, there is a time and a place to be spoon fed, but it will not be in good books. It will be in pulp. I do like my share of pulp, just like I enjoy chocolate cake. Still, I would prefer a well balanced dinner any day - in fact, every day. A girl's got to eat.

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