Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Bucket List

Sailing adventure options...
This is a short list of things I'd still like to do and haven't done. Some of them I could live without, but mostly I see these as things that I have to do at some point during my life. I left off my specific professional goals relating to books and speaking because I'd rather not publicize them at this point. I keep them on my mind daily, unlike these, which sort of simmer in the background.

So in no particular order, my current bucket list:
  • Japan - more cultural less urban (Shinto temples especially)
  • China - especially the Forbidden City and the Great Wall
  • Go to a Steelers game (in Pittsburgh would be ideal, but I would cross it off at an away game).
  • Italy - mostly for the high art areas (Venice, Florence, and Rome especially).
  • Cosplay Khloe Alwell at a comic convention.
  • France - mostly for high art, but local little known wine and artisan cheese pairings would be great.
  • Ireland - because, my people.
  • Greece - the Islands for fun as well as ancient sites for interest.
  • The Explorer Club - just to tour, I don't need to join.
  • Visit "the Farm" (Ina Mae's place)
  • Montreal - because it's supposed to be fantastic.
  • New Orleans - but not during Mardi Gras.
  • Yellow Stone - because overwhelming natural beauty.
  • Hawaii - same as above.
  • Raise a garden successfully
  • Own a successful small brick & mortar business
  • Raise some animals successfully (chickens, rabbits, and or goats/sheep)
  • Build an off-grid sustainable structure (work/studio, tiny house, and or main house).
  • Start and run a non-profit - education, mediation, or arts based
  • Go on a couple sailing trip - stopping in interesting ports.
  • Cross continental train trip (for the stories)
 What's on your list? Leave a comment below!

Looking for something fun to read? Check out Lela Markham! She has two different series that look really fun - one dystopian, another fantasy. Check them both out on her Amazon page and read her thoughts on her blog here!


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    1. Yeah, this is pretty much how I do everything. Probably you'd need to sit down if you saw what I've done so far this year for writing. It's an inherited tendency. :-)