Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Stay-at-home Mom Plan

Okay. It's official. I have a plan on how I can make staying at home work for me and for us.

Granted, my plan is loose and fancy free, and I haven't worked out all the kinks, but it's there. It is undeniably present in my head.

My plan is comprised of different parts, which over time will work together. It is a process and I expect it to take some time to lead to any consistent revenue, but I'm not going to let impatience blow me off course. I'm also not absolutely certain I will follow this plan. I may decide to throw out huge chunks of it in favor of focusing on one thing over another...we'll have to wait and see.

So what is this much lauded plan? Here goes nothing:
  1. I will complete my Summer Writing Challenge. The books from said challenge will be promoted (Look for giveaways and sneak peaks in the future - that is FOR SURE!). I'm hoping to have some book tours involved, or blog hops, or something. This portion of promotion will take a little bit of work, because I need to connect with a few bloggers to make it happen, but I've been researching blogging networks and I feel confident I'll be able to find a few people interested in hosting something.
  2. I am seriously considering an email/subscriber list type deal, which may involve some free tips/stories/and if I can make connections with products etc, possibly discounts (that would be AHmazing!). I'd like this to be more connected to my writing as opposed to other topics, as first and foremost I am a writer (though my readers seem to be most interested in my perspective on pregnancy...hmm).
  3. I will begin looking for brands/services etc to review (as they relate to content on my blog ONLY - so possibly parenting related, possibly writing related, possibly politically/socially/environmentally related - this is a little open and will depend on how my interests continue to develop.).
  4. I will attempt to connect with products and services that may interest visitors to my blog and possibly sell advertising space in the sidebar.
  5. I am working with another writer/editor to start a webzine type of site which will hopefully lead to another consistent revenue stream through reviews and affiliates.
Already I've started looking into these different areas and I have a few ideas on how to get started. I know it will take some work to get things going, and I know I will probably have some trial and error before I'm able to find things that work well consistently.

As I work through this plan, you'll continue to get updates about my books (SWC posts), see changes to the blog (likely in the next few months), and hear about different articles on other sites. As part of the book launches, I'm also considering putting together some swag (totes...shirts maybe?).

A secondary consideration is separating my blogging into different sites (one for pregnancy and parenting and one for writing and related issues). This is something I am seriously considering because I'll be able to better tailor my posts to my readership (I know this will be annoying at first for those of you who have gotten used to reading pregnancy posts here, but I think it might work better to help to build brands.).

So here are those questions - (and *please* comment!) - would you rather see my pregnancy posts on a purely pregnancy/parenting blog? Would you rather my writing posts were separate? And, how do you feel about swag? :-)

A final question, what kind of giveaways would be exciting to you?

I can't wait to read your comments (twitter mentions are good too!)!

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