Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Bloggers Review Selfies!

Normally I wouldn't post twice in one day on the same blog, but I can't help it. I'm pissed.

Alright, a little annoyed.

Okay, maybe disappointed and disenchanted.

Probably all of the above.

I've been going through YA book blog after book blog looking for potential matches that would work to help promote JEREMIAH on a blog tour. I like JEREMIAH. I think it's a good book. I think it's worth reading, if only because of the themes, but I also think it's fun.

I am astonished at how many book bloggers will POINT BLANK refuse to take on independently published books. Then, I'm equally surprised to see how many will only take paper and ink ARCS for review.

Sorry guys, but I think you're missing the boat here. Let me explain.

While there are many books published by large and small houses that could use a little promo, independent books are a special breed. They need extra love and care. They are hard to find. They defy publisher convention. They are worth checking out.

Yes, some of them are editing disasters. Some of them didn't get spellchecked. Some of them have the plot or character development of a 5 year old writer. I will warrant that. HOWEVER, don't judge a book by its publication.

There are a LOT of good independent books out there, and they need love. How does a book blogger find such things? Well, that's the problem isn't it? Book bloggers can take the easy way out and limit themselves to only reviewing or accepting traditionally published books. And I understand the desire for easy. Most bloggers only blog as a hobby. I get that. However, there has got to be a way for bloggers and writers to find one another that gets everyone what they want - good books the exposure they deserve. If I come up with a solution to this dilemma, believe me, I'll post all over that shit.

Now, let's move on from the issue of the independent author who has been rejected on the basis of their independence. Instead, let's talk about the issue of digital versus paper.

For a traditionally published author, paper may not be an issue. They may have prepaid stacks of books at their beck and call. I don't know. I'm not friends with any and I myself am not one. Yet even for the independent author, someone with a more established writing career may be able to front the dough for ARC after ARC to go to bloggers. But what about the little guy?

Speaking as someone on the low end of the totem pole, I don't have that kind of cash at the moment. Paying for each and every paper copy of my book is a little intense. Currently I'm trying to feed myself (and my baby). I can't pay $10 to send 20 ARCs out to book bloggers. It's financially impossible for me. That's a mid-range car seat right there. That's a brand spanking new Hypnobabies home course plus a hand breast pump. As much as I would love to send out paper ARC after ARC, I just can't.

Even if a blogger says they accept independent authors, when they say they only accept paper books, they are kind of lying. A huge swath of struggling writers who could have genuinely good books are taken out of the potential promo pool, making it even more difficult to get their books a few good readers.

So what is an independent author supposed to do? Well, I'm trying to find the few bloggers willing to give me a guest post here and there despite my rejection on the basis of my publishing status (wow, that makes me feel all Jim Crow!). I'm also planning on doing a few fun things on Goodreads and also (finally) on Facebook.

I've done my research. I'm pushing forward despite everything.

I am indie, hear me roar.

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