Saturday, June 22, 2013

SWC - PR Boot Camp

I feel like I'm going through publication boot camp I'm learning so much so fast! Then again, that was what I expected and needed considering my time limitations.

So what did I learn this week?

I learned that press releases don't have to be for book launches. They don't have to be related to a specific event. They can just be related to a book being published. I know, it sounds elementary to some of you, but it was eye-opening to me.

Even press releases need cool headlines. This is how you attract people. The headlines necessarily need to hint at an angle, and the better the angle, the more likely it is you'll get some kind of press for your book.

I figure between the content of JEREMIAH and my crazy summer publication plan, I'll get at least a couple bites at least locally, even if not on a broader stage. Still, every little bit helps and I'm all for whatever I can get publicity wise!

On top of my discoveries about press releases, I was able to find a wealth of blogs to contact about hosting posts for my blog tour. I finished polishing JEREMIAH and prepping the manuscript for Smashwords. I made some last minute touches to the cover art. I even wrote 4 guest posts in preparation for the blog tour. My goal today is to contact 5-10 bloggers (which I hope to do this afternoon) and hopefully finish the bones of my media kit. Is this a lot? I'm reading this and I think maybe it's a lot. In any case, I'm beginning to feel like I have traction.

Today I *really* feel like I can do this. It's a great feeling.

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