Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Indie Author Shake-down

Did you know that "Indie Author Services" are like the biggest shake-downs ever? Well, besides King's Candy Crush of course (p.s. I'm exceptionally lazy and NOT linking to that goofy game because my internet is being slow, so sue me!). I mean, even the social media sites that have popped up EVERYWHERE and the membership organization sites that are ALL OVER are just INSANE.

It makes me want to slap someone.

I keep picturing people with greasy slicked back hair, gold chains, and too much chest hair poking out of their button shirts.


I do not understand how people are able to pay for all these services, and think they are even worth the money. No one KNOWS if they're actually worth the money. No one knows what works at selling books and what doesn't.

Surprise! There is no magic formula. Let me repeat myself - there is no magic formula.

And just in case you didn't know what that means - it means, don't waste your money on jerk-offs trying to charge you to join their websites. And what about the other thing indie authors have in abundance? Yeah, don't waste your time if it seems like there aren't enough people USING the site or it doesn't offer you tons of things you actually will use and need.

I know there are a ton of people like me out there or even worse (In fact, I would say I'm concerned more about people who are just starting out.). All those people may want to publish books, and they could, if they had the right support at an affordable price. Sorry, but $300 is not affordable for most indies. It's crazypants.


How about free? I'm just saying that your best bet as an indie is to find another indie with the skill set you need and to trade services. You edit for him, and he designs a cover for you. True indies wear many hats. It's like working at a non-profit (and believe me, most indies are familiar with non-profit! Badumcha!). You will find someone with the skills you need who wants the skills you have. I'm positive.

This business might be a business, but it's not about making money. It's about sharing passion. I think a lot of indies forgot that along the way.

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