Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Willpower in Routine

I had a routine in place. It worked. I wrote posts from my phone. I studied Spanish on my phone. I wrote several thousand words during baby's nap time. I worked out during the morning, either before baby woke for the day or right after nap time.

Then I got sick. And my pedometer battery died. And I had to add studying for the GRE. And my brother got married. And my foot got injured. In short, everything went to hell and my routine disappeared.

I'm trying to get back to something like it was a week ago, but my workout situation is kind of shot, which derails my mood (a noticeable trend). And I'm so frustrated with the whole thing that I have written and scrapped a bagillion blog posts without publishing one. I have touched my manuscript once. I have touched my Spanish app once.

It's rather embarrassing.

The process of getting back on the writing horse is a willful one. Today I forced myself to write this, along with 2000 words of a book. It wasn't easy. I didn't want to and it took a while to get my thoughts in order, but I did it. It can be done. You can do it too.

Even if you find yourself out of your routine, just pick yourself up and do it. That is the hardest part. Once you're going, you'll have momentum. Momentum is a difficult thing to stop.

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