Thursday, September 25, 2014

Until All Are Equal - Feminism

The internet is full of fail. It allows idiocy to multiply like a virus and collect into little pools of festering infection. First, let me remind everyone: USE YOUR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. It is always a good idea to consider arguments thoughtfully especially if they are well structured and supported by sufficient evidence, regardless of your own opinion.  This is how we learn and grow and that is always a good thing.

Always consider a situation and the definition of the words being applied. Does the situation actually fit the words being applied? Or is the person making statement after statement with malapropisms? In other words, does this person actually know what he or she is talking about?

Just saying.

Now to brass tacks.

Let's remind one another, ladies and gentlemen, why FEMINISM is not the "F word." Feminism is not MAN-HATING or "Feminazism." That is female chauvinism and NOT the same thing (I think we all agree chauvinism is bad...equality is good). Let's also remind one another that FEMINISM is about a set of ideals - a philosophy and a movement. It is about EQUALITY in PUBLIC and PRIVATE spaces for EVERYONE.

If a woman has NOT experienced discrimination or violence because she is a woman, I can only attribute this to one of three things: sheer luck, lack of life experience and/or exposure to the world (i.e. too young), or obliviousness to her own situation and those of women around her.

If a man has not witnessed or met a woman who was discriminated against or attacked because of her vagina, then he can only be too young or oblivious (not asking the right questions or "calling a spade a spade" as it were).

Women, you need feminism because
  1. You like being able to vote.
  2. You like being able to drive.
  3. You like being able to have your opinion weigh the same as someone who has a penis.
  4. You like being able to choose if and when you want to be a mother.
  5. You like government protected parental leave.
  6. You enjoy being able to any industry and any organization.
  7. You enjoy making it to upper management (or at least having the possibility to).
  8. You like being able to go to college and study whatever you want to achieve whatever goals you have.
  9. You want to be able to get the same wage for the same work as someone with a penis.
  10. You enjoy being able to wear pants, shorts, skirts, and pretty much anything you want at any time ANYWHERE - seriously... think Saudi Arabia people.
  11. You enjoy being taken seriously. Seriously.
  12. You want to be seen as a person, as opposed to a walking vagina to be possessed or used.
  13. There are still women in this world who do not have access to all the  the above mentioned things.
  14. Daycare is still not provided by all employers.
  15. Women who take themselves out of the workforce during childbearing years have a difficult time being hired after. 
  16. Women are still not trusted to know how to give birth in the US and around the world.
  17. Women are still not allowed control over their reproduction in the US and globally.
  18. Women are more likely to be the victims of sexual abuse (3 in 10) than  men (1 in 10).
  19. Women are much more likely to experience violence at the hands of their partners than men.
  20. Women worry about being physically safe with men. Men don't feel that way about women.
  21. When saying that someone abused you sexually, society is predisposed to call you a liar and an opportunist unless there is physical proof.
  22. "Cunt" is still worse than "dick."
  23. "Whore" is a slur. "Pimp" is a compliment.
  24. Women are less likely to vote for a female candidate to office.
  25. We have been so conditioned by the idea that we can't do certain things that WOMEN REINFORCE the status quo.
Men need feminism because
  1. Men can't stay home if they want to (without worrying about societal pressure and stigma).
  2. Men like parental leave.
  3. Daycare is still not provided by employers.
  4. Imbalanced power dynamics foster resentment and subversion by the less powerful.
  5. Men (and women) want whole, supported partners.
  6. Having an empowered partner means a happier relationship (Ever met someone who had control over their own life who was upset about it? Really?).
  7. Men need to know how to be male without being violent or aggressive towards women (read: television, video games, movies, and popular music).
  8. Men need to be able to explore their own identities and roles (son, husband, father etc).
  9. Diversity of perspective leads to innovation which can lead to better solutions (i.e. dialectics).
  10. Everyone is more productive when they are supported and empowered (Think of your sisters, wives, mothers, and daughters here.).
All feminists are not the same, but saying that we don't need feminism is like saying we don't need to worry about racial equality. Sorry, but there is still a whole lot of racism in the US and the world, and there is STILL a lot of sexism in the world.

We definitely need feminism.

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