Saturday, October 18, 2014

I Need a Writing Sample!

Oh. My. God.

I'm screwed.

Okay, not screwed, but pretty up a creek.

I discovered, finally, that I do not actually have copies of any of my academic work...anywhere.

You see, my laptop that I used for all my academic work fried in the Phoenician heat about 6 years ago. I don't recall if any of the documents were saved during the death pangs of that limping machine. If they were, I haven't the foggiest where I might find such documents.

And of course, I need a 15 page writing sample to submit with my applications.

I won't lie - this was quite a blow to my tenuous calm. I'm this close (picture pinched index finger and thumb) to calling it quits. Okay, not at all. Instead, I will have to write a new essay and complete it in a timely manner. The biggest hurdles to this proposition are the following:
  1. The fact that I haven't written an academic paper in over 6 years (minor in the grand scheme of things).
  2. The fact that I don't have a specific essay prompt/direction for said paper (kind of a problem).
  3. The fact that I will have to scrounge together the time to do this 15 page paper (all nighters? up at 5 AM? Insomnia is my friend!)...
  4. and of course it will need to have cited supportive evidence in APA format.

So, with this looming in my immediate future...anyone have any ideas as to essay topics? My current idle thoughts are:
  • Feminine power (battles over birth)
  • Female identity (transitioning from woman to wife to mother)
  • Religion and women (this would likely require the most citations and research) - focused on women in Christianity
  • Informal (possibly v formal) education and credibility in pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. 
Weigh in below! Also, consider if it is really a good piece/topic...I'll submit it to a site or journal to get published (because why not!).

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