Monday, October 4, 2010

The Dirty Bird - A Review

My absences have been getting more regular.  I apologize for that...seems the world is out of my hands on that one. The only excuse I can offer is the subject of this post - The Dirty Bird.

We've passed the place a million times, always vowing to go in and try it out but never making it.  Partly this was due to our church mice situation, partly we just kept forgetting, and thirdly, none of our friends live in Hayward to come with us.  Well Saturday we had a little extra cash and nothing better to do, so we decided to hold true to our vow.  Getting there a little early, the place was pretty quiet.  The juke box was thumping hip hop hits, and sitting at the bar was everything from gangsta ghetto style to a ten gallon Stetson. Every wall had a different style of art with the theme of tattoos and women running through them.  Lighting was subtle and chill in blues and reds. 

My long islands were good and textbook.  Christian was pleased with his Maker's and Coke.  At about 10:30 people started to fill the place.  Music began to mix up and included Peaches and Chaka Khan. Everything coming out of the box made us want to bop our heads.  The crowd was mixing more, with metro-smooth, classy, nerdy, and biker all represented.  The bouncer, about as white as Christian, laughed as much as we did by music choices, and people's antics. 

Overall, the Dirty Bird was a fabulous place that we would readily bring friends, family, and definitely talk up as much as we can.  It has become our local bar, should we have any excess funds and a need to get out on the town.

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