Monday, November 15, 2010

Break or Continue? The Ever Present Struggle

Lately there's been about fifteen billion things going on in my head.  Not the least of these is the fact that I'm still effectively not contributing income, I still have a long way to go on the writing front, and I happen to be wallowing in the most minuscule of mundane tasks.

Since my writing conversation with my friend, I've been looking everywhere for ideas for short stories.  I've come up with about three or four that I could put together in a heart beat.  The problem is my computer, the lifeblood of my writing, the Excalibur to my Arthur, is also the vessel for my entertainment.  It is the way I currently foster my burgeoning addiction to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (thank you Joss Whedon and my dear friend Amberjae!  I owe you both such a great depth of gratitude for my non-stop Buffy marathon that has me pigging out on pumpkin pie and irritating my husband with its campy effects and silly phrases like 'wiggins' and 'smoochies'). So currently I am at war.  War, not against the Initiative or the Hellmouth.  No, I'm battling between my urgent need to write great things and do so much more with myself and the need to take a long break after writing nonstop for two weeks straight and gain some clarity about my next steps (as far as editing goes, a clear head and fresh perspective is very helpful). 

So for now, I continue to ruminate on my story ideas.  At this moment I have four solid ones.  Okay, maybe three solid and one that is partially formed.  But still. They're great.  And I will make them accessible to you.  Likely in a literary journal. Right after I finish season 4.

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