Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Games and Exercise

Well, The Brothers is written.  Finished.  Completed.  Now off for the first read through and the editing process begins.  I've a number of different ideas about it, but first the best thing is to wait for some feedback.  In the mean time, I've been researching literary magazines and contests where I can submit excerpts and short stories (the likes of which I will be writing this week and part of the following before returning to work on Phoenix Rising to bring that to completion).

In fact, I went to a book store today looking at literary magazines.  My mother-in-law gave me a gift card for Barnes and Noble which I fully intended to use to aid in my quest for literary greatness.  Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble isn't really known for its literary magazines.  I looked through the periodicals, found a couple that looked sort of interesting, but of course their combined cost was well over my gift card.  At least one of them was 20$ alone, and not containing writing or genres that pertained to me.  Unconvinced it was a good idea, I looked instead at games.  A house can always have more games.  There were a number of word games, drawing games, puzzles of various types, and innumerable things plastic, shining, covered in large kooky lettering that say things like "Good for ages 6 and up" and "For 4 or more players".   I went with something in the shape of a banana.  Who can resist the brilliant and simple packaging? Now they have apple and pear shaped games as well, those are more for young children however.  They even have double sized bananas!  As I write this, I realize it sounds a little wrong.  I mean of course a double sized version of Bananagrams

Luckily I now have the basic version so I can practice the thing in solitaire mode before battling with other more experienced players (ahem, you know who you are!).  While I am excited, Christian is only luke warm about the game because it is word based.  Oh well.  In his words, he'll learn to like it.

In addition to that, I got some fitness books because my current exercise routine is getting a little ho-hum.  Though not related to my professional goals in any way other than how I feel from day to day due to my health, it is intimately related to my personal goals.  It might be before the holidays, but I think it's as worthy a time as any to reinvigorate my work out routine.  It will make me feel a lot better about Thanksgiving and Christmas after, not to mention any binging that may occur on New Year's.  Yes.  Totally a worthy goal.  It's like Catholic indulgences.  I'm totally good for the holidays now.  Thank God for mother-in-laws, birthday money, and the brilliance of neutralizing things by paying them forward.  Yeah, I'm totally eating that last piece of pumpkin pie.

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