Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Spike

Well I finished the series.  Buffy that is.  I am so disappointed.  If you haven't seen it, don't read the rest of this - ****SPOILER ALERT****- because I'm going to talk about the end of season 7. I can't help it.  It so irritated me.

I have a confession.  Both Riley and Angel bored me.  They had no personality, well unless you count Angel's evil alter ego... woohoo! Yeah, neither guy was very interesting.  They were blank.  My absolute favorite character of the entire series, yes, you guessed it, the man in the long dark trench.  Sigh.  And of course, of COURSE he had to die at the end.  Seriously? I mean I understand.  I know.  It was bound to happen.  But really guys? Can't the awesome guy get the girl in the end? Oh wait, this wasn't that kind of story.  This was a female empowerment story where the girls rock on and save the day after having conquered every possible issue that a girl has to face during their adolescent life.  It has nothing to do with love or sex or anything remotely like lust. Oh nooooooo. Never.  Never

Look, I've got news.  I really liked Spike.  From the moment he was introduced as a bad-ass with his first crazy girl friend, I liked him.  He had balls, a swagger, cheeky Britishisms, an intense stare, and amazing abdominals with pecs to match.  What's not to love? Oh, well the peroxide hair.  Yes, that was a little... weird.  Having never read the comic but knowing how comics go, I'm assuming that carried over.  Sad.  But still, the character was the best.  THE best.  I'm still in a state of shock having watched his on-screen redemption.  Damn it!  I didn't even like Buffy.  She was such a whiner.  I hate whiners.  That's why I hate Bella from the Twilight series, whining. Always whining.

Of course, my second favorite character ALSO kicked it at the end of season 7.  Damn it!  And she was the one I identified with - Anya, the crazy no filter speak the truth like a blunt axe ex-she-demon.  Yes, she was my kind of girl.  Even if she did want to marry the campy and sarcastic male sidekick Mr. Harris.  Whatever.  She was cool.  She didn't whine, she just told it how it was and when necessary, got even.  It's the kind of thing a girl can respect, even if you don't necessarily agree with it.  Plus, who didn't love the fact that bunnies scared her more than anything else in the world? Bunnies?! Love it.  Absolutely love it.  Right after Spike. Sigh.

When I was younger, maybe I would have liked the other characters.  Maybe I would have dug Buffy.  No, who's kidding? Most of the time I wanted to slap her, just like I do most people who can't make up their minds.  There is something to sticking to your guns.  Oh wait, no, that's EVERYTHING.  After the time of discussion has passed, there is only your commitment to a thing.  Go all the way, or don't go.  There's no half way in life, not really.  The sooner a person understands that the easier it is.  You can't go back and forth wasting time, because if you do, in the end, you've made your decision.  It is over before it's begun.  All done.  Curtains and last call at the bar all at once.  A foregone conclusion.  You went for the status quo.  How lame is that?

So why would you still go for the person who is boring, who couldn't give you what you needed or anything remotely like it? If you're passing time, you may as well pass the time with someone who is awesome, who sees you for yourself.  There is no point in passing time with someone else when you can have someone who is awesome. Believe me, I know.

Some people ask me why I got married or how I like marriage. They wonder why I married Christian, and I think anyone who doesn't know him think we're doomed to divorce because of our superficial differences.  Of course, they don't know him.  They don't know that in many ways, he's my Spike.  He's my Jacob.  He's more gangsta (to put it like a political talking head on BET once said of Joe Biden in the time running up to the 2008 election) than any man I know.  And people wonder... and I had other offers.  I even had a guy who was my 30 yr b'day pinkie swear marriage partner if nothing else worked out (a horrible idea, but he's a nice guy...and you know, the biological clock ticks).

Still people ask why. The answer is always the same.  I married the man who is my best friend and the love of my life.  He's an unusual guy.  There's no question there at all.  And sometimes, I really don't get the guy. Other times he pisses me off so much I am very tempted to break things like glasses, or possibly his arm.  But when the chips fall, he is a rock.  He puts up with all of my crazies, indecision, and self-doubt.  He looks at me the way the main man looks at the leading lady in movies, and he means it from the bottom of his heart.  He gave me a ring.  We signed some papers and had a kick-ass party.  Baby, that's commitment.  That's sticking to your guns.  What else could I say? He is my Spike.  My Jacob.  And I sleep next to him every night.  Sweet!

Maybe that's why every time I see one of these shows and it ends with the man who makes me think of my husband NOT getting the girl I get so incredibly pissed off.  It's the bad boy who is really a good boy at his soft chewy center that is so appealing, yet he is relegated to some mythical creature who resides in some kind of perpetual torment where it is impossible for him to win.  Alright, they always write in some last minute thing to make sure the guy ends up having some sort of semi-sweet ending, but it leaves me feeling cheated. I mean really, "I feel my soul." "You never loved me, but thanks for saying it." WTF?!?! Seriously?!?!  How retarded can you get?!?! Such a cop out! GRRR ARGH! Sigh.

Just once guys, someone, let the awesome guy get the girl.  Not the guy without a personality.  The guy who is awesome.  Man, I think I have a calling....

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