Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Sucks

Since I'm waiting for a few things to come to fruition, my head has been running in a number of different directions.  Mostly it tends towards things on a personal basis, although occasionally I duck out of my microscopic world and dip into that which is wider and greater.

Normally I try to hide for several reasons.  Here they are:
  1. I hate the direction the environment is going. Even though we're making small steps in some areas to decrease usage etc, there are more of us using things, which leads me to my second point.
  2. I hate the way the population is increasing and how with advances in modern medicine we are only making the problem worse.
  3. People are dumb.  I cite any Youtube comment stream anywhere and the fact that Fox news is widely regarded as a legitimate news source.  Now, the problem with making this statement is that I am a person.  How am I to know I am not one of the dumb ones? Everyone thinks they know what the deal is, what is the correct politician, the correct way to be, the right religion.  The whole debate is enough to make me want to nuke someone and frankly I am not the nuking kind.... oh wait.  Yes, yes I am.  See point 2.
  4. Every other day I see another thing that is blowing up or breaking down - think Afghanistan or Korean bickering that may deteriorate into all out war at any moment.
  5. That's not even to mention the abysmal state of the U.S. where corporations can hijack political parties (read: the whole Tea Party movement) and prevent good laws from being the best they can be
Yes, I think that's enough to sufficiently irritate me for one day, what along with my lovely sinus headache I've been courting off and on all overcast day long.  My only hope is that some large and in charge thing will stop it in its tracks and derail the whole bloody mess.  Because it's just too depressing.  I feel like I'm watching another season of Buffy without any of the funny Spike quips or raunchy sex scenes.  The world is ending! GAAAAHHHH! Die stupid xenophobic Fox watchers who are living way too long and using too much crap! DIE!

I mean, uh, I'm going to make some tea.

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