Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cheap and Romantic - The Best Valentine's Day Plans

I should have started planning months ago, at least if I was industrious and thought I would have options I would have. As it was, my mind was occupied with other things.  It's for this reason I've only recently started thinking about it. 

That's right.  After February 6, I have another celebration I have to plan - Valentine's Day.  I've made Christian come up with plans too often in the past and I think I'm long overdue to come up with our celebration plans.  Seeing as I have a limited budget with which to work, I have to be a little more creative.

This will be our sixth Valentine's Day together, and our third as a married couple.  The last few V days have involved anything from watching the sunset from the Santa Ynez mountains complete with wine and cheese, to dressing up and going to a movie theater where they serve dinner in several courses.  This year I think we're going to have to do something different.  Because Christian has been making the plans, he's largely tried to do things that would impress me, sweet as he is.  I guess this year it's time for me to return the favor.

In the urban Northeast, where I grew up, there were very few people who went camping.  Sure, I went to summer camp.  Summer camp consisted of a week along a finger lake in upstate New York with a single night in a sleeping bag under the stars, the rest in cabins with full bathrooms. I had fun, but I wouldn't say it was roughing it by any means.  I haven't really done any kind of tent camping ever.  Having a pop tent in your basement with all your stuffed animals at the age of four doesn't really count.  So you can imagine my reluctance to allow Christian to take me camping.  Unfortunately for me, he went backpacking with some friends a couple years ago which required him to get some camping gear.  Since then, I've warmed to the idea, at least for short outings, if not full months in the wilderness armed only with anti-microbal underwear and a camping stove.

So what will we do this Valentine's Day? Well, we'll go camping of course!  Wine, aged cheese, some veggies and dip, and a little fire under the stars.  The cost will be minimal and we'll be able to do something nice - getting away in a beautiful place - which is perfect considering the resources at our disposal.  While this may have seemed unappealing three years ago, now, it sounds like the perfect way to celebrate my husband and my relationship this Valentine's Day.

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