Saturday, December 13, 2014

Projects, Next Steps, and the Right Track

Now that applications are done (submission number two will be Monday) and presents are finished (a little wrapping left but...not much) I'm focusing on some other things that need to happen.

Since I've been doing self-hypnosis and focusing hardcore on my goals, I had some divinely inspired projects come to mind. As such, they are definitely on the docket for completion. In fact, one of the books is already in the rewriting/review phase. I started it like two weeks ago. I know. Crazy huh?It is rather short, so being done so quickly isn't a terrible surprise...

NaNoWriMo came late huh? Well, it's not a novel so it wouldn't qualify. I promise to say more about it in a separate post. However, I do need a little help with the book cover. I'm looking for a photographer to do a professional photoshoot of me (and possibly a stylist). It would need to be someone looking to develop the portfolio as well as credit. If you know anyone in the SB area who fits that bill, send them my way.

As part of the aforementioned, I want to develop some related talks and pitch them to various organizations. This would help me achieve a two things at once - one to get some paid speaking engagements, and two, promote the book.

The second project is a little less involved, though I do need to make some decisions about formatting etc because that will change the nature of the book significantly. I guess I need to meditate on that to determine what the best course would be (i.e. what would the proposed demographics prefer?).

This could likewise have some associated talks, and may, though I'm not sure what direction I want this to take.

Finally, if I am accepted into the doctoral programs, I have another problem. I need to finish my 2 beloved series. At least, I definitely need to finish Khloe and the Andrew manuscript, if not Freddy and Charlie too for Rollins. I had a major psychological breakthrough as to the goals of my fiction writing, and it requires some serious reconsidering of the Khloe's development as a character.

In short, I want her to be a bit more of a bad ass. That said, doing that in such a way as to allow it naturally, and balance it with her vulnerabilities is a delicate process. It takes careful handling, and that requires a great deal of thought as I rework some of the earlier writing and finish the book. Presently I'm about 80k. I have about 40k more to finish the book...sooo...she could get pretty amazing by the end.

As to Andrew, I need to go back and make sure I have James consistent with his own story, as well as Jeremiah being consistent with his own. I think I need to consider writing these a little longer and bring them up to 90k or more. James and Jeremiah were on the shorter side, but it seems as though the average ebook consumer prefers a longer book.

I go back and forth about these kinds of things however, asking myself questions like: Is this pandering? Do I need to question this? Am I being true to the story? In the end, I'll probably just go with what feels good at the time and let things go where they must.

Along with those projects requiring completion, I have a few tangential ideas that may be worth developing (like associated teaching or book club materials). In my quest for self-realization, I've been reading a lot about being bigger than your life allows. If you act bigger, then your life tends to expand. I'm working on getting comfortable with this. I do catch myself sometimes getting back down in a small setting, and then I just shake myself off and push myself into that bigger space.

I'm getting good at it.

I intend to not only pull these things off, but do them exceptionally well. It's making me antsy...bubbling in my skin I'm so excited to work on these things.

I think that's how you know you're on the right track. That's what has me smiling.

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