Monday, January 10, 2011

Doctor Who - You Always Remember Your First Doctor

I moved away from Buffy and Angel (thank GOD... they were getting way too depressing) and on to something a little lighter and a bit more British. Yes, I have been converted to the amazing, the spectacular, the campy DOCTOR WHO.

It's true that Doctor Who is a bit campy, and certainly is incredibly British in its humor.  If you can handle some cheesy costumes and love it when a show makes fun of itself and references earlier episodes as well as much earlier versions of the show, then this sci-fi wonder is for you.  In short, it is my version of AWESOME television.  Thank you Great Britain for once again being well, great.

It doesn't hurt that David Tennant is a doll.  As he has been one of the longest running doctors (there have been a total of 11) and I love the emo-hipster hair, converse, and three piece brightly colored suits, I don't know how I will feel when I finally get acquainted with Matt Smith.  But that's the thing about Doctor Who, you can't really get attached because this is a dynasty.  It is bigger than any single actor.  Companions come and go, doctors come and go, enemies go and come back to life or respawn from the howling abyss of the Void and still, you have the Tardis.  Still you have the cheeky fast quips of the doctor.  He will always save the day (in some way, even if it's backhanded) and you will always love him for it. 

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