Friday, January 21, 2011

Finishing - That Book Won't Write Itself

I'm lying in bed and awake way too early thinking about writing. My writing group was cancelled yesterday for low RSVPs but my cultivated group of writing partners is taking off. Because writing has become a huge part of my life, my inbox and Twitter account are full of writing references. My inbox with emails exchanging selections reminds me of the next steps I need to take in a variety of pieces. My Twitter account spits out witty quotations from famous authors and links to articles with 10 steps and the like.

The message is clear to me now. After trading a few chapters of Phoenix Rising, I realized I needed to finish the book. This is not only because I need to keep up with my reader's insatiable appetite, but more importantly, how can I correct the thing unless I have it in its entirety? How can I make Olivia grow or explain the depths underneath Paul's stoicism? It works a hell of a lot better when you have a finished story, even if it is incredibly rough.

So what is the goal this Saturday? To write maybe 11000. It's time to pump something out. Hopefully I can do it again on Sunday, but before the AFC game. I do love my craft but I have to pay homage to the STEELERS. But of course, on Monday it is time to go back to the story... no matter what the final score.
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