Saturday, January 22, 2011

Under the Weather

Think of every way your body could feel under the weather.  Imagine them all to a very low degree, not so bad that you are lying in bed and turning green while covered in sweat, but rather just walking through life in a daze.  That's where I am right now.

I'm not sure if its because of the weather changes, being exposed to all the viruses and bacteria that schools possess, or the immune system relaxation that came from Christian's interview for an elite training program having gone so well. In any case, I've felt down right loopy and not myself.  I would blame it on the fumes from Lake Merritt I experienced yesterday, except that wouldn't account for the strange loopiness in the days previous.

Let's just chalk it up to a passing illness and hope the feeling of living at 70% of my normal energy level disappears in the next few days.  Needless to say, this has certainly put a cramp in my writing style.  It took a great deal of effort to even break out the computer, let alone blog today.  I doubt I'm going to be able to bring myself to write 11,000 words for Phoenix Rising or any of the other things I was meant to do today. 

The thing about feeling under the weather, it makes everything a battle.  You battle over each task.  When you feel exhausted, on top of your body aching and all manner of things, it makes things even more difficult.  Each task becomes exponentially more difficult to complete, or even begin.  So instead of doing much of anything today, I will rest, in hope of being more productive either later today (hopefully) or at the very least tomorrow. 

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