Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Curves - Fitness Success 2

It has happened. Finally. And it happened at a time when I had more than enough reasons not to notice (namely my extreme sleep deprivation). Of course when you're observing something you haven't seen before, it's kind of hard for you to dismiss it.

That's right. I have officially seen something in my body that has never before existed. I have muscle tone in my arms. Now most people can curl their arms and see at least a little bicep pop up. They might have some definition in their triceps if they're a little luckier. I'm not talking about a singular muscular hill. I'm talking about a change in topography. I have finally distinguished my shoulders from my upper arms. They make this beautiful series of curves that makes me grin like a prepubescent boy into my bathroom mirror. I'm very excited about this development. Not only does it show that my regime is working, but my body actually displays my increase in strength in plain sight. It is quite the increase.

You may have gathered from some of my previous posts that I have never been much of an athlete. I wasn't a "bubble girl" but I was generally picked last for sports in gym class. Honestly, during the physical tests in gym, I couldn't do a single push-up. It was embarassing. Necessarily, I kept to less athletic friendships. My muscles just never got the practice other people's did. This was a little ironic because as a child when I played, the female lead was always very strong, very athletic, quite flexible, and constantly having to rescue the bumbling male "hero." It seems odd now that I didn't try to foster muscle strength in some way in order to better mirror my play. It's also no wonder that I am now grinning like an idiot over my muscles.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't want to compete in any body building competitions or look so masculine the only way to tell my sex is through the triangle bikini top I wear to Muscle Beach and the hit pink lipstick slathered across my mouth. I will stay quite feminine, thank you very much. I like being female. But being female doesn't mean I can't have awesome muscle definition in my upper body or do a bunch of push-ups in succession. Oh no, there are many ways to have curves, and I am lovingmy newest set!
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