Sunday, January 2, 2011

Library User Solicitation Letters?

And now, for something totally random!  This morning when I wasn't sleeping (like I did all night last night...sigh) I got this awesome email (emphasis added):

Date: Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 7:00 AM
Subject: This is a message from Phoenix Public Library
To: Alexis
Juniper Library



We have missed you and just want to let you know…
Phoenix Public Library is here to serve you!

Please come back and visit us. We offer access these great services.

Free downloadable eBooks, Audio Books, Movies, and Music.
We offer Magazines and Newspapers online.

Free learning tools for all ages including Career Training and Test Preparation for GED and SAT tests.
Preparing for College? Come visit the College Depot at Burton Barr Central Library.
Item(s) may be returned to any Phoenix Public Library.
Library item(s) may be renewed if they have not been requested by another library customer.
Item(s) may be renewed in person, online or by phone.
When calling or going online, you will need your library card.

Since when did libraries start soliciting unpaid business? Is that part of their bargaining chips for local funding? If that is true, then the fact that Christian and I left has really cut into the Phoenix Library system.  I mean, we took out books all the time, especially ones that were not part of the Ann Coulter collection.  Christian had some classmates at MMI that prided themselves on the fact they had never finished reading a book.  It's no wonder the Phoenix public library system feels the need to solicit users.  These classmates of Christian's are examples of the great culture of Phoenix. They occupy an entirely different world than I ever have (but with any luck, they'll grow personally and learn the beauty of the written world).  In Phoenix I was a minority, and minorities have to stick together, you know, and take out books.

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  1. That's kind of awesome. We should be doing that at my library!