Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ashamed to be American - Money Problems

I can't sleep. This time I'm not thinking so much about tomorrow, my exercises, meals, or work. I'm thinking about money. I'm not just thinking about mine either. And to be clear, I'm freaking out.

I've never been more ashamed or more scared to be American. Funding is being cut to programs that are used by tens of millions of Americans rather than raising taxes on the richest. The majority of our net income as a country is shouldered by 3 million people. That might sound like a lot, but think that our country has over 300 million - its really a drop in the population bucket.

So 1 or 2% tax increase on those 3 million would have a huge impact on our state and federal coffers. It wouldn't deincentivize wealth creation. People will still have buttloads of money. Never fear! But honestly, they really won't miss it. You see, these super rich don't actually spend money - they hoard it. Money can't trickle if it isn't moving. The economy depends on money moving. So a little tax increase on people who can handle it would save our country... save our programs... and those rich people wouldn't even miss their money.

If politicians keep cutting important well loved programs which don't really impact budgets rather than addressing the problem, they shouldn't be in office. Hard times require hard choices. Politicians should be here for people, they cannot be in office for power or for big monied interests. People need to be first - not money or corporate entities - no matter what the cost.
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