Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sequel Writing - What Comes After The Brothers

Even though my original writing goal for 2011 has been completely blown out of the water, I have begun something else which I think is just as worthy, if not quite as ambitious.  I started writing a sequel to The BrothersCurrently The Brothers is being proofed by someone very dear to me (and hopefully they like something from what they read).  Still, that book was written in expectation of a sequel, possibly a trilogy.

Assuming The Brothers gets at least a moderately good reception from my few experimental readers, I will probably go the e-book route and make that book available on all of the sites where e-books are easily downloadable to e-readers.

I have to confess, I'm not sure what will happen to Khloe, the main character, in this second book.  It's a completely new adventure and I am going to have to draw a lot more on myth and legend than I have in the first book (although it references quite a lot already).  Then of course there are the popular culture references in recent years which may have to make an appearance, though I think only in passing.  I'm more interested in historical ideas about the fair folk and their kin than I am about current movie monstrosities derived from telephone game misrepresentation.

For now, I will have to contend with the idea of what is going to be different in this new place Khloe has to understand, and what, unfortunately doesn't change no matter whether you're human or of the People.

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