Monday, July 11, 2011

Anticipation and Waiting - A Dangerous Cocktail

Insomnia is an old friend of mine. Tonight was no different. The problem tonight was of course, a combination of things.

Sure, Santa Barbara proper has night-blooming flowers which make me choke on my own juices. Sure, that third beer didn't do me any favors when it comes to stomach acid, but then again, neither did my anxiety about moving. Sure, I drank too much water before bed so I had to get up... but all these things are not the reasons behind me being wide awake at 3 am.

Tomorrow, or rather, today, I'm driving to Bako to look at apartments and possibly meet Christian's new boss. It's not like waiting for Christmas morning. It's more like Easter for me - sure there is the candy but there's also the obligatory sunrise service. It's a bit of a mixed bag.

Needless to say, the result is a lack of sleep and the inclination for caffiene despite having quit the habit.

I just keep telling myself "it will all be over soon." Then I can get a day job, my book will be distributed, we'll have our own place again, and I can start p90x (yes, I drank the kool-aid, and I will tell you how it sits once down my throat!). But the waiting part is seriously burning a hole in my stomach the size of a small gopher. Good thing Christian gets benefits!
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