Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lilith and Ammon - Jacket Summary

Okay, so I've been talking a lot about this book and I thought I would give you a sneak peak into the prequel/sequel to The Brothers. Now you'll understand perhaps why it has to be read third, even though it takes place before Book 1.
It has been the most fun to write thus far because of the nature of the story and the movement of perspective. I think this also makes it fun to read (but I'll let readers be the judge on that point). Keep in mind, this is just a first go round of a jacket summary, but still, it gives insight. Enjoy:

Khloe Alwell, a sixteen year-old Otherworlder raised as a human must reunite the Seelie and Sidhe, the two halves of the Otherworld, if humanity and the planet is to be saved. At the heart of the division under the veil is a story of forbidden loves, betrayal, jealousy, and shadows of things to come.

Over the millennia, the story of Lilith and Ammon was distorted, fact became legend, legend became myth, and many pieces remained locked in the memory of those long dead or forgotten. Khloe, the hope of the Otherworld, finally having accepted her destiny, gains access to the untold tale of her ancestors through her dreams. As she dreams, she learns the truth about what really happened to Lilith, the nature of Lilith's relationship with Ammon, and just how tangled good and evil can become.

Follow Khloe as she discovers how the Seelie and Sidhe became divided, and how love, even after millennia of denial, can still conquer all.

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