Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Brothers: Character Background on Constantine

Because of the helpful hints from a lovely friend (and I fan), I have been encouraged to share with you the background as to why I chose names and wrote characters as I did. First up is my favorite emo senior, Constantine.

Before I go into depth about the eldest Grech brother, I have to confess something. The idea for the three Grech brothers is actually based on three ethnically Greek boys I met in highschool. Each of them was very talented (and let's face it, beautiful) in their own way. However, it should be noted that the Grech brothers are not fictionalized versions of these boys. They are themselves. It was only the original concept that I drew from a real set of three brothers.

Constantine [konSTANteen] was an important emperor of the Roman Empire. I chose this name because of the history of the emporer himself, but also the unusual connotations this name has taken in popular culture (I will primarily thank Keanu for this). The dark connotations of the name lend a certain stand out appeal to the character, which is what I wanted. With dark hair and amber eyes, Constantine needed to be that dark mysterious boy that at once sends shivers down your spine, yet makes you intensely curious. Thus, the name fits.

Constantine Grech ([grek] his last name literally means "Greek") is the son of a powerful Seelie [seeLEE] king. The implications of his name and ethnicity is the family moved to the New World later to take over a veil/Otherworlder region in the Americas. As the oldest son, Constantine is the heir. Like many firstborns before him, he is the best at everything he tries - except one thing. He has a rough time with the ladies. Maybe it's because he hasn't been interested in any human women, or the right Seelie girl hasn't come around yet. In any case, he just can't get interested. When he does find someone he likes, he has a difficult time (think myths of Apollo - I cite Daphne) persuading a girl to go out with him.

Good with music, sports, and having a healthy dose of prophetic visions, Constantine has all the classic kingly attributes to rule a Seelie region. Even at the tender age of 18, he easily commands his brothers and his father's men. Now, if only he could convince Khloe to date him...

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