Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Brothers: Character Background on Julian

Second on the list is my favorite flirty brother - Julian.

Julian was another emperor of the Roman Empire. He was part of the Constantinian dynasty, which made the name more appealing because of its historical connection to Constantine. Also, I liked it because it is a relatively familiar name to most people. Julian is a little more "human" of an Otherworlder. With his brown eyes, and his roguish dark shoulder-length locks, he is playful, extroverted, and completely girl crazy.

As a younger brother, he is not destined to rule the kingdom. As a twin, he is described as being "half of a whole," whereas Constantine is "wholly himself." His talents somewhat overlap with his older brother's. He is musically gifted and has an ability with sports that is undeniable (when we walk into his room you can tell he is a the athlete of the family). But he isn't as widely gifted as Constantine. Despite his ability to charm anyone he chooses, and the wide popularity he enjoys at school, part of him is incredibly jealous of his older brother. This comes out in their conversations with each other, and especially over Khloe.

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