Saturday, April 28, 2012

Advice for the Walking EMP - Empaths & Poltergeists Welcome

I've gotten a few inquiries about being a walking EMP. It seems this is a concern for people, and like me, there are quite a few of us out there. Oh, and did I mention, most of us are lost? As one of the lost, I decided to learn about my situation and following a hunch, I began researching. It turns out there are a couple of sides to this painful electro-magnetic coin.

One is empathy.

Chances are, if you have electro-magnetic waves coming off you, you're an empath. I've been reading a lot about this in the past few months because I was tired. I got tired of feeling other people's feelings and things getting weird for me. It wasn't just breaking electronics any more - I realized I had feelings that were not my own. It has be a difficult path, but slowly I am learning ways of coping. For example, when you find yourself all of a sudden feeling something that has nothing to do your situation, I recommend looking around the room to find the person experiencing it. Just finding that person is enough to bring you back to reality. You can accept the emotions, allow them to pass without wallowing in them.

Controlling my emotions was helpful, but it didn't end my issues. I still have trouble with electronics. I will probably always have trouble with electronics.

However, I do have something not many others have.

Even though I break computers just by touching them, I have a husband who is basically a technopath. If technopaths exist, my husband is one. Literally, all he needs to do is touch my broken electronic device and it begins to work.

Okay, so let's say you're a person like me and you don't have a fabulous technopath in your family, friend, or lover. There are several things you can do. First, you need to get rid of Windows. I don't know about Mac, but Windows with a walking EMP is a recipe for disaster. Install Ubuntu or Mint on your PC. If you have a smart phone, get an Android OS. The software has fewer holes, fewer glitches, and therefore isn't going to break as easily. This might seem strange considering you break hardware, but I've found that better software helps me stay calmer. The calmer I am, the fewer frying episodes I have.

Second, make friends with an IT guy and a handyman. There's no reason you should pay out the butt to fix things that you know will break. Besides, isn't it a good idea to have friends in as many sectors as possible?

Third, when replacing ANYTHING that is DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR - buy the longest lasting thing you can. Check out consumer reviews etc. See if the company has a good reputation. You may want to buy an older model that's higher quality. However, take this with a grain of salt. If you have such difficulty with electronics that you break it beyond repair after your first encounter, then cheaper may be better. It's a question of funds - whichever way is going to make the most sense for you is what you should choose.

Now, those were all mitigating fixes. But this doesn't address the underlying problem.

This type of behavior (EMP), comes in two sizes. Let's call them type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 is when even though you have control over your emotions, you still fry things. You just happen to operate on a different frequency than everyone else. For example, I'm ALWAYS a type 1. My phone never works right. My husband finds things that don't make sense with my phone. Things go wrong with my phone that literally NEVER happen to other people's. My husband attributes my phone's failures to my proximity.

Type 2 is very different. Suspend your disbelief and work with me here. It is basically a poltergeist. I say poltergeist because that is the name given to the most extreme examples of this behavior, though genuine poltergeist phenomenon are rare. Poltergeists aren't ghosts. They're people - people with crazed hormones or emotions. If you find yourself extremely upset, some strange things may occur if you're exhibiting poltergeist behavior. A relatively benign example that happened to me was at a Halloween party.

I don't like playing video games very much (seeing as they break on me). My friends wanted to play Wii. I told them I didn't want to. They were pushing it pretty hard, to the point they turned the thing on. Once on, it wouldn't work. They tried and tried to get the game to load but it just wouldn't. Then the screen went fuzzy. They gave up and we watched a movie instead. When I left that night, they checked their Wii again. It was fine. It never had a problem before that night and it has never had a problem since. 

I really didn't want to play video games.

As you can tell, this second type is a temporary state which people can slip into and out of quickly. Usually behavior like this would happen around puberty (a time of extreme hormonal change) and then disappear altogether. If, however, you're an empath and you're really upset, it is possible to display this kind of behavior at any point in life.

It is important to understand where you fit on this spectrum so you know how to act. It may be you don't need to replace everything in your house if this is a type 2 temporary situation. Find out what is upsetting you and deal with it. That will correct your situation.

If you are lucky like me and type 1, then you need to learn how to calm yourself. Take up meditation. You also should buy types of software and devices that work for you. Honestly, the simpler the device, the better the software, the easier everything will be because it causes less stress. I say simpler because generally there are fewer things that can go wrong. The less potential problems the better.

These are the lessons I've learned with my own EMP issues. I had to learn them the hard way. I hope this post helps you deal with your electrical issues and saves you the pain of breaking your dishwasher - again.


  1. Thank you so much for this! I will try to meditate, but what do you mean exactly by poltergeist? Can can person have both or be both types of empaths? I know I am the first one for sure. Would love to hear your insight on this.

    1. Poltergeist is a misunderstood term and often used by people who think it is a ghost or something. It is an empathic phenomenon where a heightened emotional state will impact the environment and is TEMPORARY. So yes, you can be a type 1 empath ALL the time, and have infrequent moments of type 2 annoying (I say annoying because it can be spectacular and often impacts your environment in a way that other people will experience).

      Also, I should add that Reiki is REALLY good for destressing and connecting. I use that to ground myself. Reiki is energy work that channels healing energy in and negative energy out. This can be a really helpful thing if you're struggling with technology frying, going through an extreme time in your life, or similar.

      I spend less time on this blog because of where I've moved in my personal journey, but I'll get notifications of comments. Still, if you want to talk more about this, you can connect with me on my site I'd be interested to hear how the meditation works for you etc. Good luck!